Home Decorating Tips: Let the Light In

When it comes to your home, most people want to accentuate two aspects: space and comfort. Everyone wants their home to look as open as possible, in both sense of the word. They want it to be both spacious and inviting to guests. The key to achieving this is: let the light in.

Have you ever noticed how closed in a hospital hallway typically feels? The reason is usually the total lack of natural light (compounded by the presence of sickly fluorescent light). So if you’re looking to make your home more spacious and inviting, it’s only logical that you should increase the presence of natural light. Fortunately, you can do so with these simple home decorating tips, which are especially useful in sunny climes like Southern California.

Change Your Drapes

Big, heavy drapes shut the light out. Instead, opt for lighter cloths like cotton and linen. Choose lighter colors to let more light in. Changing your drapes is easier than changing your windows, and can still let a lot more natural light into your rooms.

Dress Sunny Rooms in Lighter Colors

Lighter colors – for walls and furniture – reflect more light and make your rooms appear more spacious. In rooms with lots of windows, lighter colors serve a dual purpose. In addition to making the room lighter, they will also be less susceptible to fading, which often comes from too much sun exposure.

Mirror, Mirror

Hanging at least one mirror in every room is fast and easy, yet results in a huge improvement. Mirrors make your rooms look bigger and help spread the light around, if used properly. The trick is to place the mirrors properly. You should only hang your mirrors on walls that are perpendicular to the windows; placing a mirror directly across the room from the windows can actually reflect the light right back out.


Of course, remodeling your existing doors and windows can really increase the flow of natural light. If you’ve experimented with minor decorating changes and still don’t have the appearance you want, we are always here to help. Just look at how much more open new doors and windows can make your rooms look.