Modern Gazebo Tips for the Perfect End of Summer Project

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We know that summer is coming closer to the end. Your kids are getting ready to go back to school and your home is in need of some sprucing up outside especially on those warm fall nights that allow you to recharge your body with the pleasant breeze. The best solution to this is to start your gazebo remodeling project. Every homeowner in the west coast is aiming to expand their living spaces by introducing the outdoor living room to their estate now more than ever. Before you get in touch with you Los Angeles general contractor consider the following factors for your gazebo remodel or construction plan.

A gazebo is a unique structure that adds beauty to your backyard garden. It is a perfect setting that adds versatility for every homeowner who wants to retreat to a simple place outdoors with some shade or to entertain nighttime guests. Some gazebos include latticework that provides a more enclosed feel with dome-like roofs. While others can have an open approach of shelter that is free-standing in all directions. Depending on the number of people you want to occupy the space will determine the size and shape of the design. Here are a few factors to consider when it comes to the possible gazebo location:

Seclusion or Close Quarters?

There are millions of homeowners who prefer to capture the ambience of their summer garden. While others find the gazebo as their perfect hideaway in a niche or in a secluded corner that is tucked away from the main house.

More or Less Sun Exposure?

While we all know how grueling the sun can be in the summer time, roofing and siding is requested for those who prefer a little less sun to penetrate their outdoor space. If there are large trees providing ample shade nearby then it may be better off to minimize the roof and wall for your structure.

Zoning Laws

Most local councils require gazebo designs and plans to be submitted for approval before work can commence, so it is important to acquire the necessary paperwork beforehand. If unaware of the local laws then ask your general contractor for advice before construction gets underway.

No matter what the weather had in store for us, homeowners were more tempted to get back to the outdoors with open-air living rooms, gazebos, upholstered seating and muted colors as the popular trend this season. According to Zillow Digs Home Design Trend Report, more than two-thirds of remodelers planned for outdoor home improvement projects over summer, a 70 percent increase compared to last year. With a larger summer budget, many homeowners consider outdoor remodeling as the best solution to expand square footage for all-year-round use – adding value to their Los Angeles home.

Exterior Remodeling Los Angeles

By taking the above into consideration for your gazebo design, you can find a suitable location for your outdoor living space. Finding the best general contractor Los Angeles residents count on most is the first place to start for your gazebo project. Call us today and allow us to help you build or renovate your gazebo at (888) 519-1699.



Outdoor Deck Upgrades Made Simple

Outdoor Deck

With the summer sun rising high above us, you can only hope that this year your family and friends will help build some memorable moments but you first want to create an ambience they can relax in. Whether you want to construct a new outdoor deck for your home or have an existing deck repaired, you need to count on experienced exterior remodeling contractors to carry out your project.

Identifying Improvements of Existing Decks

If you started doing some sprucing up around your deck you may notice there are a few areas that need a little more than sweeping or dusting. This is the time you want to identify the troublesome areas that need repairs. Pay attention to safety concerns such as loose foundation, uneven masonry, worn out wood panels, water damage and torn electrical wirings. These repairs should be made quickly to avoid any injuries that can occur during your summer gatherings.

Designer Deck Styles

There are a wide range of decks to add in any home. Finding the right style that matches your style should be a comfortable place for you to enjoy the summer air. Most homeowners today are turning to more eco-friendly building materials and we can help search for the best products to construct an environmentally friendly deck. First you have to settle on selecting a deck type that is friendly to your home. Here are the top five designer deck options:

Platform Decks

This style is one of the most traditional and most cherished additions for single-level homes. Railings are not necessary for decks that are low to the ground, but they are helpful to prevent young ones from small falls. Platform decks are low to the ground and should be protected from all elements, so before installation we can pressure treat wood materials with protective sealers, especially the undersides.

Raised Decks

Homeowners with above-grade first level floors may require a raised deck in order to access their backyards. Raised decks should include railings and stairs for easy access to the yard below. The end result may leave exposed foundation posts which can be concealed with foundation plantings or skirting.

Two-Story Decks

A two-story deck helps gain outdoor access to the upper levels of your home. While the extra access is great, but it does require railings, stairs and structural posts for bracing. It is also possible to camouflage exposed bracing posts with decorative lattice, skirting or rock-faced pillars to cover up the exposed posts.

Multilevel Decks

This style is very popular for outdoor lovers who welcome the idea of having connective stairways and walkways added to their home. This style is perfect for homes on sloped lots because the deck areas match the contours of the landscape. If you join each section with a short pattern of stairs it prevents the lowest deck from interfering with the view from the higher decks.

Freestanding Decks

A freestanding deck is not attached to the property.  Freestanding decks are perfect for highlighting the best areas in your backyard. The deck acts almost as a natural extension of the landscape when it is installed for shade or overlooking your garden.

Exterior Remodeling Boosts Resale

When you consider installing a deck to your yard you do not have to aim for the moon, simple is the best way to go. According to the 2014 cost versus value report published in the Remodeling Magazine, a wooden deck addition of 16 feet by 20 feet in the Pacific region can earn up to 109 percent in return from their initial investment. Even a composite deck holds promising resale value by achieving recovery costs of up to 92 percent. Whatever the plan is for your exterior remodeling project, expect great value for when it is time to move.

After you have made the decision to initiate exterior remodeling, count on the expert Los Angeles contractors from Sky Renovation to help achieve your outdoor dream. We can help construct or repair outdoor decks just in time for your summer pool party. Contact us and we will help you get started today.


Turn Your Backyard into a Summer Sanctuary

Exterior Remodeling Outdoor Lighting

Now that the short, yet unforgettable winter season is behind us, we can now turn our attention to the great outdoors. We have slimmed down and prepped our homes for some marvelous occasions, so now is time to open up your home to display its best features. Take some time over the last few weeks of spring to plan your backyard summer sanctuary. Whether it is building an outdoor patio, plotting an edible garden or creating an outdoor ambience, Los Angeles contractors from Sky Renovation are here to serve all of your exterior remodeling needs.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Take the time to think about how much space you have and break them up into different activity zones. Inside your home you have the bathroom, living room, kitchen, etc. and outside you can create your own dining patio, outdoor kitchen, a playhouse for your little ones and a peaceful seating area with a fire pit. Try and build a spot that is suitable for everyone in your household to get some use out of.

Water Features

In Los Angeles, we know that tightly crowded neighborhoods and traffic can be a bore, but unique water features can mask the distracting sounds of the city. A raised stepping stone path can act as a bridge over water to your outdoor patio or pool. A small fountain or waterfall is especially popular, even a small built-in Jacuzzi can bring peace of mind to all your troubles at the end of a busy summer day.

Light Up the Night

To make your summer nights complete, plan to leave space for outdoor lighting fixtures around your seating areas and patios. They can be hidden in your along pathways or overhead on your patio ceiling. According to a survey from the American Society of Landscape Architects, lighting up your outdoor terraces, patios and decks is among the most popular outdoor living features that homeowners are addressing this summer. Choosing a number of small lights works best, so plan ahead to fill in the spaces where you plan to entertain your guests well into the night.

Once you have an idea for your backyard summer sanctuary or if you need help planning your outdoor living area, then contact the contracting experts from Sky Renovation. We can help fulfill your ideas to make your backyard into an up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing space for you and the whole family to enjoy.