Bathroom Remodel Experts Can Help Brighten Up Your Home!

Beautiful Modern Bathroom DesignWhether you have owned your home for 3 years or 30, having a dinky unattractive bathroom is no fun for any family. The bathrooms in your home should be a place of retreat for a relaxing bubble bath, and spacious with plenty of decorative but practical storage space. Especially if you have a family of four or more and everyone is sharing a bathroom you need to utilize the space as best as possible while still maintaining a nice décor for guests and friends to enjoy. A general contractor Los Angeles area remodeling expert from Big3 Construction can help you redesign and revamp the bathrooms in your home with ease and professionalism.

If your bathroom is small to begin with and you don’t have much space to expand, lighting can be a great tool for making it appear larger. A properly lit bathroom can really open it up and make it appear larger. Placement of cabinets, vanity, and shower or tub is important as well in utilizing the space in the best way. Our bathroom remodel Los Angeles specialists will help you maximize the design of your bathroom so it looks fresh and as open as possible. Now, if you have multiple people in your home sharing a bathroom another great and practical option is to have a double sink counter top put in, given that the bathroom is not so small as to not be able to accommodate it. Your family will certainly thank you when two people at once will be able to use their own sink for getting ready in the morning instead of having to fight over who spits out their toothpaste first. If the bathroom that you wish to remodel is fairly large with some extra space to work with one thing you may want to consider as another time-saver for rushing through hectic mornings is to separate the toilet and shower from the rest of the bathroom. This way someone can comfortably and privately use the facilities while others still have access to the cabinets and vanity.

Los Angeles bathroom remodel specialists at Big3 Construction can help you with every step of the remodeling process from the initial design layout, to what counter top or bathtub to choose, to the smallest details like toothbrush holders and cabinet knobs. As an honest, hard-working Los Angeles general contractor we are more than willing to work with your budget to give you exactly what you want and won’t be satisfied with the finished product until you are. It is always better to go with a professional construction company rather than trying to hassle with a big project like this on your own, & we at Big3 are happy to assist you! In the end, you are sure to find that both money and time will be saved, and you can be assured that the project is done properly with the right skills and tools with our expert contractors. Plus, the addition of our professional design help can be very beneficial to achieving exactly what you want to have done.

Things to Consider When Bathroom Remodeling In Los Angeles

Is it time to handle some bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles? Perhaps you would like to do an entire home remodeling to revitalize the look of your living space. Well, you are in luck. Los Angeles is home to some of the most reputable general contractors and subcontractors in the world, as well as a wide variety of services that provide complete remodeling to every aspect of your home. This is especially true in Los Angeles, considering that the standards there are so very high.

What should you bear in mind before you approach the problem of home remodeling in Los Angeles?

First of all, be sure that the service you select is reputable. Any reputable service will be able to point to a number of value items on your behalf. For example, you should be able to browse an illustrated guide to the previous work the company has done.

Likewise, it is a good idea to be able to check references, including testimonials. The business should be willing to produce these items for you on request. You should also be permitted to check out all of the professional licenses and insurance policies that the company and its individual workers hold.

Let’s imagine that you have selected the company you need. What do you, as the home owner and consumer, need to do to prepare for the situation? Well, as exciting as remodeling can be, it also provides some challenges to you while it is going on. If you are planning to remodel the bathroom, you may have several days in which you are not able to run the water. Make some arrangements with neighbors, friends or family so that you can get all your needs taken care of during this time, and schedule it in advance with your remodeling service.

Any form of remodeling will result in some dust, dirt, and grime both entering the air and ending up on the floor and grounds. After your remodeling is complete, it may be a good idea to look at professional cleaning services to ensure that everything is as pristine as it can possibly be. Also consider running an air purifier in the affected areas so that any particles unleashed during the renovations can be “sucked up” by such an apparatus rather than ending up in your vents and duct systems. This will help make sure that you are able to truly enjoy your new space!

Home Decorating Tips: Let the Light In

When it comes to your home, most people want to accentuate two aspects: space and comfort. Everyone wants their home to look as open as possible, in both sense of the word. They want it to be both spacious and inviting to guests. The key to achieving this is: let the light in.

Have you ever noticed how closed in a hospital hallway typically feels? The reason is usually the total lack of natural light (compounded by the presence of sickly fluorescent light). So if you’re looking to make your home more spacious and inviting, it’s only logical that you should increase the presence of natural light. Fortunately, you can do so with these simple home decorating tips, which are especially useful in sunny climes like Southern California.

Change Your Drapes

Big, heavy drapes shut the light out. Instead, opt for lighter cloths like cotton and linen. Choose lighter colors to let more light in. Changing your drapes is easier than changing your windows, and can still let a lot more natural light into your rooms.

Dress Sunny Rooms in Lighter Colors

Lighter colors – for walls and furniture – reflect more light and make your rooms appear more spacious. In rooms with lots of windows, lighter colors serve a dual purpose. In addition to making the room lighter, they will also be less susceptible to fading, which often comes from too much sun exposure.

Mirror, Mirror

Hanging at least one mirror in every room is fast and easy, yet results in a huge improvement. Mirrors make your rooms look bigger and help spread the light around, if used properly. The trick is to place the mirrors properly. You should only hang your mirrors on walls that are perpendicular to the windows; placing a mirror directly across the room from the windows can actually reflect the light right back out.


Of course, remodeling your existing doors and windows can really increase the flow of natural light. If you’ve experimented with minor decorating changes and still don’t have the appearance you want, we are always here to help. Just look at how much more open new doors and windows can make your rooms look.

Coming Up With Figures for a Remodel

Having trouble calculating a budget for your home remodeling project?  Follow these four steps: Ballpark the cost, establish a spending limit, make a wish list, and set your priorities.

Remodeling is always an idea that homeowners look forward to.  Thoughts of a spacious, modern kitchen, a bigger garage, new colors for the bedroom, or new furniture for the living space is always exciting. Whether it’s an idea obtained from a magazine or from someone else’s home, it’s easy to identify what we want.  However, what usually stops many homeowners is meeting the cost for the remodeling project.   Below are some tips to fulfill your renovation plans within the budget you can afford.

Get an estimate

Top on the list is to get a figure on how much your remodeling plans will cost. There are varied ways on how to reach a cost estimate for Home Remodeling in Los Angeles. You can use the per-square-foot estimate or check out home magazines for similar projects and the expenses incurred or the average at least. Don’t expect to come up with exact figures because it will never happen as you are just trying to come up with an estimate initially. The final figures can be a few thousands more or less depending on many factors. What’s important is you have a figure from which to start with.

Come up with your own budget.

Now that you have a rough estimate of the expenses you will incur, check your own budget and see how much you can come up with for the project. If you have cash then it’s quite simple to come up with the amount. If you don’t, then you have to depend on how much credit a bank will give you and if you can meet the amount if added up with your other household monthly expenses.

Canvass from different contractors.

When you have come up with an estimate of your dream renovation and compared it with your budget, you will be able to decide if you can push through with your project or not. Given the premise that the expenses are within your reach, you can now move closer to your dreams. Draw a list of what you specifically want to be done in your home so that the rates you will get will be standardized and therefore easier for you to compare the figures. Ask contractors for on-site free estimates so they can give exact quotes.

Get referrals of contractors from friends and other people who you know have had remodeling jobs done and take into consideration feedback on their attitude and assessment of their completed tasks. From these guidelines it is easier for you to weed out the better ones from the rest.

Finalize the project.

Assess among the different contractors and choose who you think is best. From that contractor’s quote add a buffer of about 15% for any unexpected additional expenses that may be needed. This is now your working amount. Should the final amount exceed your working budget, talk to your contractor on how you could possibly scale down costs so you won’t have to overspend.