What Makes the Best Kitchen in Los Angeles?

The kitchen has become the new family room of Los Angeles homes today, where food preparation goes hand in hand with hanging out with friends and family. The importance of designing the kitchen to make it functional as well as comfortable takes on new meaning. Here are three key trends incorporated into today’s modern kitchen designs.

1. Induction Cooking – With lives on fast tracks, who can waste time waiting for the water to boil? With an induction stovetop, water is bubbling in 90 seconds. Cooking times are greatly reduced while the stainless steel finish adds to the beauty of the room.

2. Wooden Floors – Wood floors add a warmer, softer feel than tile and can be designed into unique patterns, adding comfort as well as style to the room.

3. Smart Storage – Cabinets that are organized, as well as beautiful add value and serve the purpose of avoiding clutter. With cabinets that have soft closing drawers and special features such as platter or cookie sheet dividers, plate drawers, spice racks strategically located close to cooktops or desk areas for keeping recipes and household management files handy makes the kitchen an easy room to navigate.

Designing the kitchen is exciting and can add value to a home as well as make it a much more functional room. For more ideas on today’s kitchen trends, or to get started on your project contact our renovation and construction specialists online. You can call the kitchen contractor Los Angeles residents can rely on directly at 1-888-519-1699 and we will give you your free estimate today.

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