Choosing the Right Tile for your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodel projects involve tile styles for both the walls and floor that vary in sizes, colors, and stone type. Here is a list of the most popular stones that are optimal for your new bathroom. Remember, there are tons colors for every example as well as different kinds of finishes. Choose from relaxing, animated, traditional or modern color schemes. Just remember to have fun during the process! You can begin to explore your options using this guide.


This simple yet classic look combines affordability with practicality. Ceramic tile is easy to keep clean and a breeze to maintain. Although it seems base in style, there are an array of patterns and designs to select from so your bathroom floor or wall tile can line up with whatever theme you have in your home.


If you are interested in a more rugged natural look, then travertine is definitely for you. This all natural stone is formed underground by shifts in the Earth’s crust. Therefore, it comes in a wide variety of formations including: aged, chipped, brushed, and tumbled. Travertine is among today’s leading types of stone tile, and unlike other marbles, it produces a uniform porous surface making it practically perfect for covering your bathroom walls and floors alike.


A bathroom tile that is hard to clean, or unable to withstand heavy wear and tear, is no good to anyone. As the hardest of structural stones, granite can withstand frequent cleaning and high traffic which makes it the most durable and “maintenance-free” of all stones.


Glass tile used to be considered a pricey option, but not anymore. Now it is more accessible to limited budgets and can be used in a variety of bathroom wall styles as a border, or simply a beautiful montage. The unique reflection that light has on glass makes this particular bathroom wall tile a a real knockout without the hole in your pocket.


Glass mosaic can brighten up the dimmest bathroom giving it a bold modern vibe. This bathroom wall or floor tile can add a splash of color and plenty of character to your bathroom.


A unique decorative bathroom wall or floor tiles are ideal if you are looking for that artistic flair. With a variety of styles, patterns, and colors to choose from you can transform your bathroom walls or floors into quite the work of art that can illuminate your bathroom setting and make it a bright and cheerful place to relax in your home.

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